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Medical Billing Services in Philadelphia

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Medical Billing Services in Philadelphia

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Full Service rates starting as low as 3.0%.
Full Service rates starting as low as 3.0%.

Our Services Include

Charge Entry including patient demographics

Payment posting

Denial Correction and Resubmission

Secondary Billing

Tertiary Billing

Patient Billing

Provide telephone support for patient questions

Follow Up on Unpaid claims

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As a healthcare provider in Philadelphia County, your goal is to provide the best care to your patients, not spend hours filling out paperwork. When your in-house staff is bogged down with healthcare billing tasks, it can affect your ability to provide top medical care, and it can also lead to billing mistakes. Hiring a third-party company to provide healthcare billing services and solutions will take those tedious jobs off your hands so you can focus on improving your Philadelphia practice and caring for your patients.

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If you need pediatric medical billing services, medical billing for podiatrists or you’re looking for gastroenterology medical billing companies in Philadelphia County, Mediclaim can help. We have provided primary care billing services to almost any medical specialty you can imagine, including pain management medical billing, medical billing services for allergists, and medical billing services for neurologists.

Mediclaim has been serving the Philadelphia medical community since 1990 and in that time, we have collected more than 485 million dollars on behalf of our clients in the medical industry. We provide a range of primary care billing services, specializing in correct coding policies. These policies ensure you can maximize your reimbursement while minimizing the need for corrections and resubmissions, whether you need medical billing services for dermatologists or pain management medical billing. In some cases, we may be able to obtain larger sums for you from insurance providers than you would be able to get on your own.

We process all claims within 48 hours of receipt and maintain a 98% pass-through rate. Our dedicated follow-up staff investigate any unanswered claims after 45 days, enabling us to identify problems sooner and avoid inflated accounts receivable. Our greatest feature is our customer service. We pride ourselves on being there for you and your patients in Philadelphia. Call us today to find out how Mediclaim’s services and solutions can help make your practice more profitable.

Premier Medical Billing Company in Philadelphia

No matter what type of medicine you practice, Mediclaim can assist you with your healthcare billing processes. We have already worked with medical practitioners in a wide variety of specialties; now we’re ready to work with you. When you know all your billing is being done correctly, you don’t have to waste time submitting claims and dealing with other issues. That’s great for your bottom line and it gives you more time to focus on making your medical practice the best it can be. Get in touch with us for help with:

  • Medical Billing for Podiatrists
  • Medical Billing Services for Allergists
  • Medical Billing Services for Neurologists
  • Gastroenterology Medical Billing
  • Pediatric Medical Billing
  • Pain Management Medical Billing

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Taking advantage of Mediclaim’s primary care billing service can make any practice more profitable. With billing assistance in Philadelphia County, you can look out for your bottom line, reduce the time your in-house team spends on billing, and provide better medical care at the same time. In addition, the rules and regulations that govern billing in the medical industry are constantly changing. Whether you’re dealing with private insurance companies or the U.S. government, keeping updated on these regulations is a full-time job. Mediclaim’s team always stays appraised on the latest developments in billing regulations so you don’t have to.

When you need medical billing for podiatrists or any other medical specialty, you should know that we are one of the most reliable medical billing services in Philadelphia County. Call us if you need a top medical billing company anywhere in the Philadelphia area. We also serve surrounding communities, so contact us if you need medical billing in Delaware, if you’re looking for medical billing solutions in Delaware County, PA, or if you’re searching for medical billing companies in South Jersey.

Serving the Medical Community with Billing Services in Philadelphia Since 1990

Mediclaim is one of the most trusted healthcare billing companies in the Philadelphia area and we’re eager to assist you with your billing processes. Filling out paperwork, submitting claims, and following up on unanswered claims is a lot of work, and a top medical care provider like yours shouldn’t have to waste time dealing with it. We know there are many billing companies for you to choose from, but wouldn’t you rather support one that’s been part of the Philadelphia community for more than three decades?

In the past, we have provided medical billing for podiatrists, medical billing services for allergists, medical billing services for dermatologists, and pediatric medical billing. No matter what your area of practice, we can help you with medical billing services for neurologists, gastroenterology medical billing, and even pain management medical billing. With our primary care billing services, you can find solutions to all those billing issues that are costing your Philadelphia area medical practice time and money. If you’re a medical practitioner in Philadelphia County who is interested in finding the best solutions to all your billing issues, call Mediclaim today at (215) 564-6620. Providing medical care is your business, not filing insurance claims. With Mediclaim’s team of billing specialists on your side, you won’t ever have to worry about incorrect paperwork or other mistakes costing you time and money.

Reasons Medical Billing Specialists Help Your Practice in Philadelphia County

At Mediclaim, Inc., we have all the solutions you'll need to improve your productivity and increase your revenue. You can effectively manage your financial and human resources by selecting the appropriate third-party medical billing companies in Philadelphia. We provide medical billing services to a wide range of specializations such as:

  • Gastroenterology medical billing
  • Medical billing for podiatrists
  • Medical billing services for allergists
  • Medical billing services for dermatologists
  • Medical billing services for neurologists

Here are some of the advantages that working with Mediclaim, Inc. can provide for you and your organization.

Enhanced control: Mediclaim, Inc. will give you greater control over your medical billing operations and the money at stake because of our qualified and committed medical billing specialists.

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Higher revenues: With Mediclaim, Inc.'s assistance, you can save a great deal of time and resources on salaries, office equipment, procuring, updating, and managing billing software.

Improved safety: We have the required security and technology to keep healthcare billing processes safe.

Comply with changing regulations: We take the initiative to keep up with the most recent changes to rules and regulations.

Reduce medical billing errors: A medical billing company such as Mediclaim, Inc. devotes all its time dealing with codes, and our employees have a wealth of experience with them. We'll make significantly fewer mistakes and be able to pinpoint and correct them far more quickly.

Increase patient satisfaction: A competent and courteous team can guarantee that your patients are delighted during their stay, while a professional service provider like Mediclaim, Inc. handles any financial issues.

You went into medicine to heal people, not to agonize about claims and billing. With Mediclaim, Inc., you will no longer have to. Entrust your patient billing to a company whose staff are enthusiastic about the task, and you can focus on what you do best: providing care. You'll be more satisfied with your efforts and the outcomes of your claims. Contact us today to find out more about our service offerings.

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